Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Days 10-15 - Resin!

Though it may seem like I have been idle, I have not!  After thinking about it for some time, and coveting some of the things I've seen online, I finally decided to try out resin.  I knew it could be a headache to work with, and so many things can and will go wrong, but I thought the resulting products could be gorgeous additions to my clips and jewelry pieces.

I haven't been posting because working with resin is time consuming...particularly for a beginner and especially for someone who won't work on it while her children are awake.   I knew I would talk about it all later and in the end I decided to just film a video.  I warn you now that it's very long and cut into two pieces because I'm spending more time crafting than trying to work with video software and YouTube.  Please take a look if you're interested and I'll add a couple photos here as well. 

I still have a long way to go before I'm any good at making resin pieces, but so far I like it a lot! Also, if any of my friends in the area come across stashes of stickers (particularly Sanrio aka Hello Kitty and the like, or San-X aka Sentimental Circus and etc.) or silicon ice cube trays (any shapes/sizes) or have any questions,  please let me know!

VBlog part 1 -

Vblog part 2 -

The resin I'm using at the moment. 

For the first batch, I used this resin mold as well as this silicone ice cube tray (Hobby Lobby and Meijer).

First batch: After the second pour and additives.

I shouldn't have added the resin and glitter at the same time.  The glitter just floated around.

Same here.

And here, plus these are over-filled.

As is this one. Embarrassing.

First batch: Dried but still tacky.  You can already see the massive crater from a popped bubble.

The other side.

The entire first batch.  I'm only happy with the butterfly cube.

The entire second batch.  I'm happy about all of these!

Love him.  The first layer was clear resin and eventually the stickers.  The second layer was clear with glitter on top.  I should eventually put in a third layer to even out the back.

The first layer of resin was mixed with pink glitter flocking powder.  The second layer was mixed with white resin dye.

The first layer was filled with shaped glitter.  The second layer was mixed with white resin dye.

One layer: Mixed with silver fine powder.

One layer: Mixed with white resin dye and red flocking glitter powder.

Two layers: Clear with sticker, then a layer of glitter, and then another clear.

One layer: Mixed with white resin dye.  I'm planning to use sharpies or other coloring instruments to decorate these.

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