Saturday, April 21, 2007


We're watching the pilot episode of Drive today. I wanted to watch it because I adore Nathan Fillion. I'm digging it, but not sure if I can stand watching it. I think it's going to end up getting pretty terrible and that might really bother me. But, I'm hanging in there because it's pretty interesting.

The chick teamed up with Fillion needs to consider easing up on the collagen, though. My spoiler predicion about her is: She was the young girl whose parents died in the '80s race and she wants to win so she can get to the end and kill the people who organize the race. Notice that she doesn't have a phone so isn't really in the race.

Anyway, we'll see how the show and our time goes. With Heroes starting up again, and episodes of Lost and a few other things pending, we may not have the time for a new show unless it knocks our socks off. Oh, and PLEASE don't cancel Veronica Mars!!

Clark update

Clark's doing great recently, other than the over-dependency thing. :)

Sitting is no longer an issue. He sits all the time now and it's so nice to be able to just put him on the floor do do something. He can be a little lazy though and if he feels a pillow or person behind him, he'll slump against it.

He's moved on to the "big boy bath" now. He seems to love it, even has toys to play with in there, though his favorite is his hair brush, go figure.

He has changed his schedule. He doesn't go to bed before 8pm, but sleeps in until about 7am. The good thing is that we can have less hectic dinner and we can even go out as a family at a normal time. The bad thing is that it really cuts into my "evening me time" but it's still a good compromise.

Clark is also expanding his vocabulary. He's been saying "ba" for awhile now, but has now included "da" and lots of other consonant sounds. Dan's thrilled, of course...hopefully "ma" will be coming soon. :) Clark has also started making raspberries, which are pretty comical.

He continues to be an awesome baby who gets tons of compliments when we go out...I just adore him. :)

Whoops, it's been awhile

Things have been a little crazy with Clark this past month or so. He's going through a period of neediness. I pretty much have to be sitting next to him at all times or he gets upset. Showering during the week has become a chore. I started with trying to put him in his room with a bunch of toys while I showered, but he would be hysterical by the time I walked out of his room. Then I moved him into the bathroom, with the shower curtain pulled mostly open, and even then he cries. So, my best bet is to shower before he gets up. :)

Last night our local daycare raised a little money by offering to watch children from 6-9pm. We were able to drop Clark and Gunnar there and had a lovely dinner out with Jodi and Laurent at Catch 35.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We got tickets!

Hooray! We're going to see the Police!!

Police tickets

Well, I was pretty depressed Monday when I wasn't able to get Police tickets. is a piece of crap. Dan and I had maybe 8 browser windows going on three different machines and only one of them actually got to an order page...twice. However, every time I tried to order, it bounced me back to the previous page. I just watched the clock tick by until finally we were notified that only scattered singles were available and, finally, that it was sold out. Luckily, they have added a second show and it looks like Best Buy is offering pre-orders for their Zone members. So, this time I will order them that way.

Clark's food and nap log

In an attempt to get an idea of how much Clark is eating, now that we've introduced solids, I'm going to attempt to keep track of it here. I'm also thinking he's starting to nap sorta on schedule, so I'll try to keep track of that too.

So, today:
6:30 - nurse
8:30 - nurse, nap
10:00 - 3.5 oz. banana/apple/pear + 4 tbl oatmeal
this got screwy because we were out for many hours today
5:00 - 3.5 mixed vegetable, 3.5 banana/apple/pear

Friday, March 23, 2007

So its rodent poison?

So now its looking like rodent poison in the tainted cat food.

The cats are mostly ok

The boys had blood and urine tests yesterday and they're just fine, so it looks like the bad food didn't affect them after all...thank goodness. The vet suggested that we hold onto our receipt for the visit in case there's a class action suit. However, the doctor looked at the growth in Oberon's mouth and *finally* agreed that we should so something about it. He's going in for a biopsy the Monday after next. I'm scared about it, but glad something is finally getting done.

Clark is still getting up in the middle of the night, I'm going to give him until Monday to fix the problem before I call the pediatrician or start trying something like Ferber.

Last night I made a terrific chicken parmigiana recipe..very, very good. However, I halved the sauce recipe and still had enough left over to freeze for two more meals. So next time I will quarter it:
chicken parmigiana.rtf

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another bad night...but not a bad morning

Clark was up at midnight tonight, crying. Unfortunately I had gotten caught up in watching Layer Cake and didn't get to sleep until a bit after 11. I nursed him and put him back to bed, only to have him wake up at 5. I had resigned myself to nursing and letting him, hopefully, doze in my arms so I could sleep a little in the recliner, but he was so zonked out I was able to put him back to bed and got myself a couple more hours sleep. I'm thinking about calling the pediatrician today to get their advice on whether I should let him cry it out, or keep tending to/nursing him until he's feeling better.

My nephew is sick today, so my brother has stayed home with him and invited Clark and I over to visit. We'll stop by there after we head to Gamestop to pick up Cooking Mama. We also need to stop by the pet store and return all of our tainted cat food. Oberon and Tristan will be going to the vet tomorrow to get their blood and urine tested.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Real Housewives of Orange County...

...reunion special is on. Comments to follow.

Comment #1 - I hate Jo.

Comment #2 - "I had a [nose] bump removed, but not cosmetically". Whatever.

Comment #3 - I hate Lauri. I wonder how much that ring cost.

Comment #4 - "The wives who watch this can relate to at least one of us". Um, what planet are you from?

I wish I knew why I loved this show so much. Here's to hoping there's a third season!

Tough day...

Clark is still going through some sort of transition, or otherwise not feeling well. This is the upteenth day in a row that he has been extremely needy and cries when I put him down. Last night was a nightmare, but I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be better tonight. Unfortunately, he cut his two bottom teeth and exactly the same time, so I can just imagine the pain he has been feeling. But they've poked through now, so hopefully that will ease up for a little while at least. Anyway, regardless of his neediness, I still had time to make this movie. The first footage is from a couple months ago, and last footage from this morning.

Clark Movie


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