Friday, August 10, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Day 37b - Believe it or not, I craft almost every day!

I have failed in my attempt to blog about it every day, but I am crafting almost daily this summer.  I haven't blogged much about it for several reasons: 1) I can really only craft at night and I spend those precious few hours crafting and not blogging about it, 2) I'm mostly working with resin which COMPLETELY fills those few hours (man, it is time consuming) and 3) I'm still working desperately to get my website completed...again mostly in those evenings hours.

I did make a video a couple of days ago showing some more resin I've been working on and also discussing the perils of crafting after you've been drinking (don't do it!).   I also finished more pieces last night, which I'll show soon.

Here's the video:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Day ?? (30?) - An update

I've sort of lost track of time.  Things have really ramped up in the couple weeks before school, but I'm still here and crafting when I can!  Most of my time has been spent working on my website.  It's built and populated, but I'm still trying to get it set up with a shopping cart.  My goal is to have that done in the next week or so.

I did a new batch of resin a week and a half ago and I learned then not to drink and craft.  :) A couple pieces that should have been gorgeous turned into fail as bad decisions were made.   I'll talk about those soon in a video.

I also have this lot of fun curing as I type this: