Friday, July 20, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Day 19 - Some clay and resin

Day 19 was a pretty frustrating day, craft-wise.  I ended up being disappointed with 99% of what I made, but I was doing a little more experimenting and should have expected some badness. It was a late night spent pouring more resin and making a couple clay items.  I also made a few clips, but I'll show finished products another day.

So, here's what I made:
I was excited about making my first bangle.   It's hard to make out in this picture, but it's black with some holographic glitter.  It hasn't been finished or "glazed" as it hasn't completely cured but I'm thinking this is the first of many.  It was also the first of many disappointments.  I must have gotten distracted (I was pissy last night because our cable wasn't playing On Demand and I couldn't watch  more Game of Thrones) because I was planning on adding clear glitter and black flocking powder to the clear resin and ended up with this.  Yikes.  It's not something I will wear, but Lauren will love it.

Disappointment #2.  This was the culmination of two experiments.  I absolutely cannot find San-X stickers locally.  So I decided to print out some online stuff and seal it with Mod Podge.  That, at least, was a success.  My ability to cut straight lines and keep it centered, not so successful. I also stylistically made a bad decision with a rectangle in a square and the list goes on.  I also tried to replicate a background I've seen online called "cake batter".  I think it was mostly successful. It seems to be a closely guarded secret how to do it, but I just added white pigment to a ton of candy sprinkles and let it set for a really long time.  It was insanely sticky when I put it in the mold which is why the "M" didn't turn out didn't fill the mold completely.

These were a success!  You might remember these from a couple pours ago, but I finally "glazed" them by putting a layer of resin over the top.  They're so so so much shinier.  My camera is so terrible that it's hard to see, but I'll show them in a video later.

It's hard to see how this looks from the photo, but my camera has a really hard time with white.  I basically mixed in some white pigment powder and a bit of black and orange flocking powder.  It's only ok.  There were some bubbles at the ends that popped and left major voids. I'm not happy about that.
Two more crysanthemums with the cake batter and just black.  I like them but will want to glaze them.

I thought I wold make a Lumpy Space Princess out of polymer clay.  For some reason (maybe I didn't condition it enough) the clay was extremely pliant after baking.  You might be able to make out the major rip on the right side after I pulled it out of the oven.  I wasn't happy, but I have since made another.  I'll show it later when done.
I also made Finn's sword which I thought ended up being AWESOME.  Unfortunately, it was also pretty pliant and broke into three pieces later.  I'm hoping I can put it all back together with some glue.  I was so proud of it. :(

I was most excited about this last piece and frankly all the errors/problems I had were made up for with this. This was another print out that I coated with Mod Podge.  I put a thin coat of resin in and allowed it to dry all night.  In the morning I added a black pigmented background coat.  You can see the layers in the bottom picture.  I couldn't be more excited about this.  I will absolutely be turning this into something for me to use.  YAY!

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