Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Day 20 - Some Finished Items

Here are a few items I completed mostly for family and friends.  

A couple of butterfly hair clips.  It's hard to tell but they are baby pink.

Finally, a Hello Kitty hair clip for Lauren.  She was thrilled.  This one is red and baby pink.

A few clips I made for a niece.  The "J" is resin and the cupcake and Minnie are clay.  

A couple rings.  In the future I will give them a polymer clay disk "base" like I did with the J above.  A much nicer look.  These are resin.

LSP and the sword.  I managed to glue it back together but it won't be able to withstand keychain usage.  I'll try again another time.

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