Friday, October 28, 2011

Tree pants are (mostly) complete! Also, a few clips.

The people running the sew-along added another week to finish the project as I think it was taking people longer than they had originally planned.  I know with all the stuff I had going on that I definitely needed more time.  Unfortunately I had a number of problems finishing it, so I'll need even more time.  I'm planning on putting it and the sewing machine away for a couple of weeks so that I can catch up on other things.

The other good news is that the Halloween costumes are mostly finished.  Dan isn't sure yet how he wants to finish his costume, so I won't post photos until everything and everyone is ready to go.  And then I'll probably post a lot about it. :D

Anyway, here are some photos of the tree pants.

I clearly had issues with the binding which, for the first time, I made rather than purchased.  I couldn't sew it on evenly so will have to remove the whole thing and start over.  I'n not in a hurry to do that but as long as I get it done by the time we put up our tree, I'm happy.

I was also asked by a couple of friends to make some hairclips, which I was very happy to do.  Frankly, I miss clip making and hope to get back to it this weekend. 

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