Friday, October 7, 2011

Ahh!! Projects!!

I had meant to write a lot more before now, and more often, but I suddenly found myself inundated with projects.  I started the week working on a binding project that I had meant to do about a year ago.  I also had to finish a couple other projects including a Halloween wreath, a Christmas wreath, and posting tutorials on a couple things like making custom buttons with fabric.  Oh, and work on a few more hair clips.  The binding project never made it past Monday, and I've been working periodically on the other items as the week progressed.  I knew that starting today I would be working on my tree skirt sew-along and that was going to make me crazy busy.  And then the kids (and Dan) hit me with their costume choices for Halloween this year.  They would like to be characters from Adventure Time: Lauren = Princess Bubblegum, Dan = The Ice King, Clark = Finn.  None of these have existing costumes so I will be putting them together.  That has me in a little bit of a panic, but two very long days of trips to many, many stores is at least making it seem doable.  I'll post pictures of my progress as I work on all of these projects.

Oh, and I failed to mention I have Lauren's birthday in a week.    I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew.

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bikerjla said...

You can do it!!!!! :)