Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another bad night...but not a bad morning

Clark was up at midnight tonight, crying. Unfortunately I had gotten caught up in watching Layer Cake and didn't get to sleep until a bit after 11. I nursed him and put him back to bed, only to have him wake up at 5. I had resigned myself to nursing and letting him, hopefully, doze in my arms so I could sleep a little in the recliner, but he was so zonked out I was able to put him back to bed and got myself a couple more hours sleep. I'm thinking about calling the pediatrician today to get their advice on whether I should let him cry it out, or keep tending to/nursing him until he's feeling better.

My nephew is sick today, so my brother has stayed home with him and invited Clark and I over to visit. We'll stop by there after we head to Gamestop to pick up Cooking Mama. We also need to stop by the pet store and return all of our tainted cat food. Oberon and Tristan will be going to the vet tomorrow to get their blood and urine tested.

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