Saturday, April 21, 2007

Whoops, it's been awhile

Things have been a little crazy with Clark this past month or so. He's going through a period of neediness. I pretty much have to be sitting next to him at all times or he gets upset. Showering during the week has become a chore. I started with trying to put him in his room with a bunch of toys while I showered, but he would be hysterical by the time I walked out of his room. Then I moved him into the bathroom, with the shower curtain pulled mostly open, and even then he cries. So, my best bet is to shower before he gets up. :)

Last night our local daycare raised a little money by offering to watch children from 6-9pm. We were able to drop Clark and Gunnar there and had a lovely dinner out with Jodi and Laurent at Catch 35.

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