Saturday, April 21, 2007


We're watching the pilot episode of Drive today. I wanted to watch it because I adore Nathan Fillion. I'm digging it, but not sure if I can stand watching it. I think it's going to end up getting pretty terrible and that might really bother me. But, I'm hanging in there because it's pretty interesting.

The chick teamed up with Fillion needs to consider easing up on the collagen, though. My spoiler predicion about her is: She was the young girl whose parents died in the '80s race and she wants to win so she can get to the end and kill the people who organize the race. Notice that she doesn't have a phone so isn't really in the race.

Anyway, we'll see how the show and our time goes. With Heroes starting up again, and episodes of Lost and a few other things pending, we may not have the time for a new show unless it knocks our socks off. Oh, and PLEASE don't cancel Veronica Mars!!

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