Friday, September 2, 2011

Work on the quilt has (finally) begun.

I have a lot of catching up to do, which I will do over the course of this weekend (I hope).  I've been working on a lot of smaller projects that, combined with ots of craziness, have delayed work on the quilt.  But today I got back into it in earnest and I hope to dedicate a large part of the holiday weekend working on it.

Anyway, today I worked on ironing and cutting, two things I hated doing until I got my Accuquilt Go.  Though I think I might need to consider investing in a new ironing board.  I still have this one from my university days:

Anyway, I thought I would show off the Accuquilt Go a little bit, in case people are interested and not familiar with it. I am a terrible, terrible cutter.  I even attempted to use a rotary cutter and it didn't help me much.  I still have to use it a bit with the Accuquilt, but mostly for prep, and as a result my cuts are MUCH more uniform.

  Step 1: Cut fabric into strips so it can better fit onto the die.
Step 2: Arrange strip on the die with the cutting mat.
Step 3: Run it through the cutter
And voila!
So here's the end result with that small pile being the only scrap. 
It still took me a couple hours, but I know I made better cutting decisions, had less waste, and managed to get enough done to be prepped for a matching taggie blanket!

So on to the next step, pinning. 


mami-chilena said...

Yaaaay!!! Enjoy!

Regi said...

Awesome tool! I have heard mention of the Accuquilt Go, but have never "seen" it in action. I am still doing my cutting with a rotary and mat hehehe. If I ever get back into quilting big time, I will definitely be looking for one of these.

I cant wait to see the quilt come together.