Monday, February 7, 2011

Quilting - my (very short) history

I have created one quilt so far, and that was largely from a kit.  It was a girly, pinky crib quilt for my daughter after she was born.  I liked the fabrics that came in the kit, but I wanted to make it larger and use other fabrics that I enjoyed.  I added some minky that I had also used to make her a small taggie blanket, as well as a few other things, including my first stab at machine embroidery. In my opinion, the result can only barely be labeled as a quilt.  I literally jumped two feet into the project, sewed it poorly (I'm new at sewing too) and had no idea how to actually "quilt" the sandwich.  So I used ties, which I know are an acceptable alternative but, wasn't great.  Since then, a few seams have come undone and eventually she threw up blueberries on it which stained it beyond repair.  So I knew I wanted to make her a new quilt.  I had also purchased material for a full sized quilt for my son, but that sat on the shelf waiting for the day I would have the time and energy to cut the pieces.

And then, for Christmas, my husband bought me the AccuQuilt Go!.  It was a game changer.  He got it for a very good price on Black Friday and my excellent friend, Jana,  gave me a couple dies for Christmas.
Edit: information about the next quilt removed in case the intended happens upon this blog.  I'll put up more details once it's finished.

Here's a picture of the quilt I made my daughter, pre-blueberry stain!
Here are the fabrics I chose for my son's quilt

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