Monday, February 7, 2011

Monkey/Robot quilt

Note: I removed this post when I originally wrote it so that it would be a surprise.  Well, it's finally finished and delivered (or at least shipped), so here's the information!

Also at Christmas I found out one of my girlfriend's was having her first baby this spring.  She and her husband have decided not to know the gender of the baby until it is born and she mentioned to me they wished they could do a monkey/robot theme for the nursery (I love them!).   I thought about how impossible of a task that would be and then thought to myself, "Perhaps this can be solved with a quilt!"  Thus my next project was born (which I will talk about later in case the subject of the quilt comes upon this blog).

This time I bought a quilting book for beginners and ended up with First-Time Quiltmaking.
I decided to go with the single-patch quilt as I had the die for it and it was a lot like the one I had already done, so I was hoping I could build off of what I had picked up from the last time.  I also decided to go with one type of fabric (flannel) instead of the crazy mixture (velvet, minky, satin, etc.) that I had for the first one which gave me more headaches than I could count.

For the past couple of weeks I've been working on collecting fabric for the Monkey/Robot quilt.  Finding gender neutral robot and monkey fabric that was cute and would look nice together proved to be a little harder than I had originally thought.  I found the perfect robot fabric at JoAnn and found an acceptable monkey fabric (precut on the sellers AccuQuilt Go!) on eBay.  The gal I bought from on eBay included a square of a different monkey fabric which was PERFECT.  I contacted her directly and got a bunch of that fabric.  I purchased some solids (yellow for alternating squares, green for a border and orange for the back) to go with the two as anything more interesting would, I think, make a hot mess.

ANOTHER NOTE: I ended up using orange for the border, a yellow binding and cream for the back.

Last night I finally pulled out the Accuquilt Go! and in less than an hour had all my cuts done (granted, they're just squares but hey, I'm new at this!).  Well, most of my cuts done.  I had also purchased a strip die but didn't realize I needed a different sized cutting mat for it (as much as I love this machine, it can get expensive, and my wish list for it is LONG).  I ordered it last night and should be getting it this week.

So later this week I'll be going back to the book, dusting off my sewing machine and starting to piece it all together.  Very excite! :)

Here's the monkey fabric

The robot fabric is just the robots, not the other stuff.

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