Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some updates

Just a few things going on right now...

Clark is 16 months old, which is almost impossible to believe. I was looking at the photo I had of him on the blog and I couldn't believe it. They say time passes quickly and they're right! Here's a photo of him from Christmas.

...he loves his new harmonica.

Right now we're going through some weird food phases with him. He hasn't let us feed him for ages, but wants to eat all the stuff he has always eaten (like yogurt). It makes a big mess (which I don't mind), but trying to reinforce the use of a spoon gets a little tedious. He prefers to switch to dunking his hand into the yogurt and then sucking it off his fingers.
He's also wanting to walk around with his food and more than once over the last couple of days has thrown a fit when I put him in his highchair. So I'm trying to nip that in the bud, it was my fault he got that way in the first place.

His vocabulary is going through a spurt right now. Dan and I were a bit nervous at his 15 month appointment as he wasn't saying much (kitty, mommy, daddy, bye, shoes) and only a couple of those words clearly. Well, right now he has added cheese, hi, Elmo, "gogo" (GoGurt), banana, eye, please, and a couple more. Again, a lot of these aren't exactly clear...we know what they mean but others may not. But we're working on correcting him.

He is awesome with the cats. I have honestly never seen a kid behave so well at that age around animals. He kisses them every chance he can and still uses their toys to play with them. They're still not really excited about him but we've hit a good tolerance level.

He has also discovered television over this past week, which is sorta ok. I'm fine with it as long as it's limited, but he's not obsessed with it yet. In the morning we put on Sprout and he watches a bit of Sesame Street and the Sunny Side Up Show (I think that's what it's called). He digs on Elmo and Barney mostly. Yes, I have released the purple dinosaur in this house. But Clark really gets into it when they're singing and dancing and after watching him imitating their dance moves, I figured Barney can't be that bad. :) Still, he just gets a little in the morning and we balance it out with lots of toy playing and reading.

He's very, very kissey lately too, which I can't help but love love love. First thing in the morning...kiss. Right before bed, kiss. Many times throughout the days, kiss. The cats get them constantly as does his Elmo doll and stuffed puppy. It's awesome and so sweet.

More updates in a new post I think...

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