Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Crafty Summer - Day 3 - Cupcakes Part 2

I finished the cupcakes and honestly I'm not particularly happy with any of them, but at least I got the chance to try a few things out.  Anyway, if you get a chance, let me know which, if any, you like.  Don't worry about the color of the cake or frosting, I'm really just worried about the style choices for each.  Thanks much.

I realize after uploading these that the lighting is very dim.  I might have to choose to be a day behind on everything so that I can take photos in the daylight.

Group 1.  Small base, whipple cream and chocolate syrup

Group 2. Small base, full frosting, fruit topping

Group 3. Large base, air dry clay topping, micro marbles

Group 4. Small base, large frosting, sprinkles and fruit topping

Group 5. Large base, polymer swirl frosting

Group 6. Small base, polymer swirl frosting

Group 7. Large base, whipple topping, fruit

Group 8. Large base, small frosting, polymer whip and fruit

My steampunk Hello Kitty and cupcake...just because!


Regi said...

Very cute little cupcakes. I really like the looks of the large cupcake base... my favorites are groups 3 and 5. The little fruit slices and marbles on top of the different cupcakes are ultra sweet.

Desiree Koons said...

Thanks Regi, I think most people have preferred the same groups, so 3 and 5 it is, with a few variations! Thanks for your input.