Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I have created a garment!

I finally ventured into the terrifying world of sewing clothes!  Now, I will be the first to admit that I dipped the tiniest part of my tippy tippy toe into that vast pool of sewing, but I still did it. :)

I made a pair of lounge pants for Clark with more on deck for him and Lauren, as well as Dan and myself.  So easy, so much cheaper than the store *and* they can be whatever we want them to be.  Very excite.

More photos as more are made.


Sue said...

Nice! I know a girl that works at a fabric store, and just looked at tons of cool fabric- too bad I can't sew...

Regi said...

Awesome job!! You are braver then I am for sure.

My last attempt at sewing clothes was in junior high, and it was a horrid disaster. It scarred me for life and I haven't attempted it since.

Sistermoon said...

The last time I sewed before making that first taggie blanket and quilt was in junior high as well! I had made grey corduroy culottes in home economics. What the hell was I thinking? :)

That almost scarred me for life. It only took about 30 years to get me back in the game!